Saturday, July 14, 2007

men and women are different

I'm at a youth conference as part of the support staff. One of my friends and co-workers is giving a talk to the young men attending the conference. He asked a young woman we know to give a short testimony from her perspective about what it means to respect women. I was with her and 2 other women just outside the room. We were there to support our friends and pray with them, for them and those listening.

We were asked to leave by the man who is the "host" for the weekend. He said it was weird for girls to be hanging around and that the guys might feel uncomfortable. We were so far in the back of the room that we were actually outside of it. I don't thank many, if any of the guys in the room even knew we were there or gave it a second thought. This wasn't a small group where guys were going to be asked point blank to step up and be accountable for the ways they've sinned and been disrespectul towards women. I thought it was weird that he thought it was an issue. In all fairness to him, he didn't realize that one of our little "pack" was there to speak, but I wonder if after we let him know that if that shouldn't have been enough. I really felt bad when the three of us who weren't speaking respected his whishes and walked away. I felt like I was letting down a sister. We left her, alone, to walk in to a group of 700 guys. Sure, she can handle it, but those situations are always easier when you know someone's got your back.

I don't fully understand it, but I respect the intent and hope that in the future he can be a little more open to a subtle, feminine presence. After all, our mother Mary was/is always there.


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